Tuesday, 29 December 2009

AVATAR cliched spectacle that could have been so good!

Almost three hours.... of fantastic spectacle with a good idea hidden behind the appalling dialogue and the terrible last hour.

This smoothie of every dragon/fantasy/space epic/ just missed the mark. Wanted to like it and for the middle hour I was entralled then we ended up with all the transformer style machinery and it fell from the heights.

The worst bit? Leona Lewis singing the most amazingly awful song over the credits. Why do film makers choose such awful rubbish when it so diametrically opposite to the tone of the film?

Contrast it with District 9 which stayed on track and had a script which worked.

Final moan: the monsters etc looked like bad comic book stuff from the sixties.

Still, I am glad I saw it. My holiday escape!

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

politicians and twitter - playground antics?

A few weeks ago, I attended the Tweetminster discussions about how politicians see social networking will change the democratic process.

MPs from all three parties spoke well and showed that there was real personality behind the twitter icon.

Kerry from Labour and Nadine from the Conservatives, spoke eloquently and demonstrated firmly how MPs could use Twitter to allow better access to their constituents as well as to the more general public.

Behind the speakers on stage were displays of tweets by those present and the wider world outside. What was truly sad and pathetic was the need of some of the twitterers to make rude, personal remarks about the speakers. Comments about what Nadine was wearing or Kerry's boots were the least unpleasant shown as they spoke.

As an ex teacher and still a member of the education community, this was like playground ganmes rather than adult intelligent discussion.

I don't agree with many of Nadine's party's policies but she spoke well, came over very warmly and I was pleased to feel I knew her a little better after her presentation. I have since followed her on Twitter with pleasure.

I also followed other labour and conservative twitterers. @LouiseBagshawe and @BevaniteEllie used to amuse me but in the last week I have unfollowed them because the childishness of their exchanges is frankly demeaing to all concerned. Strong feelings don't need to lead to pathetic personal remarks.

Similarly I am really disappointed that @KerryMP and @NadineDorriesMP have also started trading insults.

Its great that the ordinary voter can get to see behind the formal MP facade, but really sad that what we have seen recently is frankly very childish.

I have enjoyed reading Kerry and Nadine's blogs. I really enjoyed talking to them at the Tweetminster event. I think some of the attacks on Nadine have been utterly stupid.

me (sort of...)

me (sort of...)