Monday, 24 August 2009

Report on Education Quangos

Centre for Policy Studies publishes its report on Education Quangos in the UK.

Long document (54 pages), describing roles and waste of TDA, BECTA etc. But really it all comes down to one line - ABOLISH THEM!

Some interesting arguments and a lot of savings but is it the right way to go?

School quangos
A blueprint for abolition and reform

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Manic Monkey's Little Bridge

Little Bridge - interactive software for ESL/EAL

For anyone teaching English as a second language this is must have software.

I have used it in South Africa, with Xhosa and Afrikaans speakers. It worked both for experienced IT learners and those who were fairly new to learning through language software.

It is exciting and easy to use. The 3d animations are TV quality. The exercises are varied but fully supported with teacher and pupil books.

This is just great fun and fits alongside the company's other primary language software for French and German.

me (sort of...)

me (sort of...)